Interpreting for human rights in Uppsala- Romanian

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Doctors of the World is an international, humanitarian organisation that work for equal rights and access to health and medical care. We help people in marginalised situations - both in Sweden and internationally - by providing assistance mainly in terms of health and medical care. Our point of departure is the fact that access to health and care is a human right, also for those in war, poverty or seeking shelter.

In Sweden, we provide care for those marginalised groups who have no access to regular health care services and institutions. Last year we help around 120 people in Uppsala. Our services to these people are delivered entirely on a voluntary basis.

Medical care is provided by certified doctors and nurses, but most of our volunteers do not speak the same language as the patients. Therefore, we are constantly in the need for interpreters. Hence, if you do speak Romanian and could interpret from English or Swedish, your assistance would be very helpful to us. We are looking for interpreters with a lot of integrity and responsibility. You also need to be prepared to deal with sensitive and personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.

Specifika önskemål eller information: 
As a volunteer for Doctors of the World you will be offered an introductory course, and an information session hosted by the office. You will also get the support you need from other interpreters in the organisation. We do not require you to be a certified interpreter or medical practitioner, but such experience is seen as a great merit. Doctors of the World do help a lot of people in vulnerable situations, and our tasks are very varied. Together, we make a great difference.
We would like you to contribute at least three times within each half year - either on the phone or at our clinic. The clinic is open approximately four hours each week.
När och var genomförs uppdraget: 
We run a clinic in Uppsala which is open every Thursday This is the primary location where we need interpreters on site. We are also in the need of interpreters who can assist doing follow-ups and other administrative tasks related to care. For instance, one task could be to convey a message to a patient about her/his test results. These tasks are to a lesser extent tied to a specific time or place.
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