What goes up must come down - Building and tearing down the Carnival

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When?Dag, Helg, Kväll/Natt
Why?Kultur, Social gemenskap
What?Evenemangsuppgifter, Praktiska uppgifter

You will be choosing to involve yourself in the pre-work before the Carnival, that is the 22 May, and will be doing a very important work in building tents, market stands, carrying chairs, putting up tables, etcetera. Many tents of different sizes will have to be put up in one day, and then taken down when the Carnival is over. The same thing applies to market stands and furniture, so there will be plenty of work if you like building and tearing things down. If we can gather enough people it will be an easy job, and it will be a great way of getting to know each other!<br/>When the Carnival has ended, there will be a great need for volunteers in order to get things taken down and packed as soon as possible. Tents will need taking down, market stands will need mounting down, chairs moved and tables moved. <br/><br/>The advantage with these assignments is that you are free to enjoy the Carnival when it is taking place, along with all that it may comprise.

Specific requirements and information: 
REQUIREMENTS: There are no specific requirements for these assignments. You may want to bring working gloves if you own any such. <br/><br/>Doing volunteer work with us will mean: - That you will be working at least one shift of 4 hours before, during, or after the Carnival - That you will be served one meal of food per finished 4-hour shift. Also, "fika", will be available at any time during the day. - Clear instructions regarding what will be expected of you, and also which people who are responsible for your designated area. - That your opinions and general views will be taken into consideration in the formation, development and realisation of the volunteer work. - That you will be compensated for expenses which have been approved beforehand. - A post-carnival party for all people involved in the project. - Many exciting encounters with interesting people, and plenty of amazing memories.
Minimum time commitment: 
One 4-hour shift either before of after the actual Carnival, plus one information meeting before the Carnival.
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When and where will the volunteering take place: 
Either friday the 22 May for building, or sunday evening / monday morning the 24/23 May for taking things down.
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